Self Made Entrepreneur, Full-time Blogger, part-time Photographer editor and a Perfect SEO Expert for hire. Wait I have more in my pocket, I am a Gamer and an analyzer of everything with deep thinking and curiosity to get all the knowledge behind every tiny bit on the Internet and for more proper detail, please give me your respective Email ID and get a copy of my CV including “All My Hobbies” (Just Kidding).

About me – Why I am the Perfect Choice of SEO Expert to Hire

I am all ears if you have something bugging your brain on your Website or something related to Web or even your Computer (Certified Technician here). Just Contact me or leave a message on any Social media platform you use by searching for @ajeetghuman or @meajeetghuman. By the way, all my Social media profiles can be found at the end of this post too. You can contact me through this website and I am all ears for any sort of help.

You read correct, I am a Perfect SEO Expert for hire and most chances are, you landed here either through my Social links or Search Engine which explain a little bit how I work.

You can either can tick the Perfect SEO Expert for hire after hiring me, or I am always available for any help (until it’s not about opening a Jar). I have an almost now 7 Years of Experience in the Online world with making money and a lot of learning from Experts like Kuldeep Kumar as a great example. I am still learning the basics of everything and right now into the Coding part because my background doesn’t include any contact with technology. Yes, I was a Literature student and loved the books more and rest you can find it below:


I wasn’t, and still, I am not the brightest Kid in my Family. I never liked much about theory and was properly in love with Practical things. If we talk about my Education background, I have completed my Graduation from Shri Guru Tegh Bahadur Khalsa College (S.G.T.B.) North Campus in B.A. Hons. Punjabi in 2013.

In 2010 I came across a Site called Youtube, and I started working on it with my Friend, and we slowly raised the Subscriber Bar to 2000 and then 5000 and we were earning almost near to 15K, which was a huge deal for us but we hit a road Bump, and channel got Banned. After that, we went to Web sites work and as per my curiosity, I started learning more and more and more about the thing Called GOOGLE and how to use it to make money (well my only motive was and still is to Earn cash because this is the only thing can put light in your Dreams). We started a website called, and we did all the experiments on it and learned almost everything on it which includes WordPress CMS to Google Ranking and Optimization. After that Website, I went to many different Projects and owned-lost many websites.

After all that experiments passing and failing five years went away, and today I have my own name Website and some other Websites running well and many other Client’s Sites too, on which I am working hard more than my own website to give them the Business which they Deserve.

It’s not that I only ran behind Money, I also helped many new people I met who are now my Friends in their journey. Many Marketers and BIG ENTERPENAURES will tell you to build “Network,” well that’s wrong and Selfish too.

“You should make more friends than Networks.”

Do you want to Be my Friend? Don’t have to like my Facebook Page or Follow me on Twitter but just send me a Friend Request on Facebook at or a Direct message on Twitter, and I am going to be more than Happy to help you with your any problem because I am Perfect SEO Expert for hire in small projects to make them big companies.

Email me if you want an SEO Expert for Hire: [email protected]

You can also call me anytime: +91-8800690901


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About Ajeet Ghuman - Why I am a Perfect SEO Expert for Hire
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